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PSSHAHCA is vastly experienced in providing full accounting & book-keeping services to its clients engaged in various kinds of business / services. Our staff is well trained to maintain appropriate book-keeping and management records as per requirements of the clients. We have wide ranging clients including software start-ups, ITes companies, manufacturers, traders, professionals, retailers, wholesalers and contractors, which are large as well as small and medium business organisations (SME’s).
Our associated handle all the details of accounting transactions for its client and provides the following services:
A) General Scope of Work for Book-keeping Services:
PSSHAHCA will take ownership of handling the day to day accounting of its clients, maintaining the requisite books of accounts as required for the statutory authoritieslocal, state and central. The said books are prepared on the basis of generally accepted accounting policies and practises. The following books of accounts are normally maintained:
PSSHAH CA also takes responsibility for the basic filing of the records, transactions, documents, and makes available information to the management time to time as and when required.
PSSHAHCA also at times stand custodian for the vouchers, bills and other supporting documents towards the accounting transactions and maintain the same at its head office in case the same cannot be held at client’s registered office on agreed terms.
B) General Scope of Work for Management Information Services:

PSShah CA can undertake the following management information related services

C) Corporate Allied Services:

Generally Multi-national companies being new entrants in India, it is sometimes difficult for them to establish some registered base in India initially. PSSHAHCA, assists such start up companies by:

D) Management Consultancy Services:

Management Consultancy services generally consists of:

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